"I begin to feel the wish to be singled out; to be summoned, to be called away by one person who comes to find me, who is attracted towards me, who cannot keep himself from me […]"
- Virginia Woolf, from The Waves (via violentwavesofemotion)

This guy that works at the liquor store down the street is a total flirt but not in the creepy way he just jokes around and gives me the occasional wink and it makes me feel good very good


in ninth grade this kid at my high school got a bangbros account from his cousin and he shared the password with two of his friends and because they were all on the same account they could see the collective history of what theyd watched but had no way of knowing who had watched what and after a month or so really weird fetish shit started showing up in the history and none of them knew who was watching it and it eventually drove the three of them apart and ruined their friendship

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